Studio Playfool is all about creating delightful and engaging experiences through playfulness.

Half / Full

Half / Full is a speculative set of tableware which comments on how we might adapt to future food shortages. The set utilises mirrors to trick our perception of fullness, increasing our satisfaction and reducing the amount we eat. Through this we may slowly adapt our appetites to require less of the foods that the future will compromise.

Playfool Workshop

The Playfool Workshop teaches our principles of playful design through a series of entertaining yet challenging activities. Utilising our thoroughly-designed set of Playfool tools, each activity guides participants on how to ideate and create playfully through twisting contexts and stimulating delight.



Studio Playfool is a London based design studio founded by Royal College of Art graduates, Daniel Coppen and Saki Maruyama. With a combined experience in mechanical engineering, programming, law, urban planning and design, Dan and Saki share an ambition to create engaging products and experiences that put playfulness at the heart of their design.

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